Portfolio Test

  • The easiest and most effective way to negotiate your job offer.

  • Toybox is a 3d printer and creativity platform that lets kids find and design the toys they love and print them at home.

  • Trucking industry AI platform.

  • Intelligent Technology for Retention and Compliance in Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • World-class drone defense technology.

  • Next generation video entertainment marketplace enabling content creators/owners, consumers, advertisers and financiers to transparently and instantaneously exchange value and attention.

  • Health Hero helps manage disease using automated adaptive outreach.

  • Smartphone Body Cameras.¬† Disrupting hardware-centric industries with a software-based approach for use by law enforcement,¬†private security and others.

  • Reimagines business payments empowering companies to stop writing paper checks and embrace blockchain-enabled digital payments effortlessly.

  • SaaS that uses AI technology to enable product discovery and commerce directly from video by making videos interactive and shoppable.

  • Community-based lending and consolidation programs for students in United States universities.

  • Creates the world’s first mobile context and behavior analytics platform that enables intelligent apps. Founded by Sam Liang and Larry Wang from Stanford. Acquired by AutoNavi of China.

  • A pioneer in using computer vision and robotics for agriculture, developing an automated alternative to chemical-intensive farming that is more efficient than traditional methods of weed elimination.

  • Enhances the care and well-being of seniors with automatic monitoring and alerting based on intelligent sensors.

    Experience modern, effortless living in a Brain of Things smart home.

    Helps people grow to achieve their life goals by transforming their habits.

  • Acquired by Palo Alto Networks (PANW). Empowers enterprises to adopt the cloud in a safe and secure way, while meeting compliance requirements.

  • Acquired by Galavantier. All your trip ideas in one place. Decide, and go.

  • Provides online legal staffing services to support clients both in-house and with external legal matters.

  • Develops gamification around school curriculum to support and empower children and parents to value and understand themselves and others.

  • Acquired by LexisNexis (RELX). Litigation data services and predictive decision tools to help counsel with intellectual property and other high stakes litigation cases.

  • Developing smart technology to improve sleep for all ages.

  • Hosted clinical research management solutions for the health care industry.

  • Acquired by Moda Operandi. Online luxury shopping destination complete with the luxury shopping experience.

  • A suite of unified mobile-based math games for K-12.

    Allows users to collect, deliver, and access name pronunciation recordings everywhere they need them.

  • A social online learning environment offering experiential courses from leading institutions.

  • Playlist is connecting the world with music. Our ad supported, fully licensed, streaming music service enables friends to listen together and chat – making mobile music social.

  • Online speech therapy for schools and health care institutions. Founded by Clay Whitehead and Jack Lynch, alumni of Stanford’s Graduate School of business.

  • A local employment marketplace connecting small businesses with proven local talent.

  • A private Twitter for teachers, letting them communicate with students via text message & email.

  • Acquired by Brocade (BRCD). Leading the third wave of operations automation to deliver DevOps best practices to enterprises.

  • Acquired by Everyone Happy LTD. Social media platform enabling users to sing, record and share their favorite songs.

  • Guided video creation for mobile devices.

  • Acquired by Stripe. Real-time APIs for identity, trust, and personalization powered by social data.

  • Invests capital by hiring the entrepreneurial team and providing all the resources necessary to build your dream company.

  • Acquired by Plex. Brings the power of video journalism to the tablet age with an elegant iPad app that lets you build your very own newsreel from trusted news and information channels.

  • Safe, reliable, and trustworthy rides for busy families through a dedicated pool of highly vetted drivers.

This portfolio represents companies which have participated in SA&E's fundraising process and raised money from SA&E members. In making such investments, a member of SA&E acts in his or her individual capacity and not as an agent of SA&E, Stanford Alumni Association, or Stanford University.