Radhika Shah


Radhika is a tech industry veteran, angel/impact tech investor who is also passionate about civic engagement, community building & social causes. She is Co-President at the Stanford Technology Innovation community Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs, enabling angel investing within the Stanford community and helping advance Entrepreneurship & Innovation.  She has been an advisor, mentor and judge at student Accelerators Startx (Stanford) & Skydeck Labs (Berkeley). She is a cofounder of the Silicon Valley mentoring group RajeevCircle.org that has 500 members from the tech community and has a spirit of paying it forward.

Radhika is an advisor at the Sustainable Development Goals Philanthropy Platform SDGPhilanthropy.org. She co-founded the Ashoka SV chapter building a community deeply engaged with Ashoka Fellows (social entrepreneurs) focused on girls education, social justice, tech for social good, preventing violence against girls/women in Kenya, Egypt, Mexico & India, Brazilian rain forest conservation etc. She is on the SV Leadership Council for Action for India, a platform that helps social entrepreneurs scale. She is part of the organizing committee for the Fourth Sector building ecosystem/policy for for-benefit orgs (social mission primacy + earned income) and is a sv advisor/mentor to CGNetSwara.org (a mobile citizen journalism solution to empower tribal Indians), Samasource.org (bringing digital micro-work to marginalized communities in developing parts of the world including sub-saharan Africa from across the world).

She is passionate about women’s rights, education, social justice, environment – since her childhood, growing up under the influence of Gandhi Ashram in India. Radhika holds a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford and an MBA from Berkeley.